An Attempt at Christian Sexuality

Discussions of human sexuality according to Scripture have long been caught up in proof-texting verses, usually from the (in)famous culprits: Genesis, Leviticus, 1 Corinthians, 1 Timothy, Jude, and Romans. These “clobber verses” have been used to critique same-sex sexual intimacy and same-sex marriage as unbiblical by theological conservatives as long as the conversation has been … Continue reading An Attempt at Christian Sexuality

A Psalm of Lament

Written as an exercise in Psalm composition in my second semester at Wycliffe College. Lord do you hear my prayer? Are ears of stone still my god? Every day I sink further down, My countenance is like a man beaten with stones. I am someone heavy burdened, Will it always be this way? Is your … Continue reading A Psalm of Lament

Junior High Conversations

During Junior High youth group (5th-8th grade) this past Wednesday night, while casually eating dinner together, a student abruptly asked aloud "What and where is the soul?" What commenced was an exciting conversation in which 7th graders were asking questions regarding such topics as how the probability of infinite universes corresponds to the creation story … Continue reading Junior High Conversations

The Myth of the Incarnation

I just started reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for the first time this week. This is my initial plunge in the ‘Romantic Era’ of literature. I have to admit that my tendency to prefer the abstractions of philosophical jargon pull me in an anti-poetic direction sometimes and yet good literature always has a way of eluding … Continue reading The Myth of the Incarnation

From Charismatic to Episcopalian

[Note: I use ‘Episcopalian’ and ‘Anglican’ interchangeably because they are in fact interchangeable. Also, I acknowledge that the Charismatic church is not a unified communion in the same way that the Anglican communion is, but both resemble some form of ‘movement’ or ‘tradition’ and my encounter with their particular congregations makes them comparable. I am also … Continue reading From Charismatic to Episcopalian

“What is Secularism?” Pt. 1: The Ontology of Violence and the Nation State

  The following is the first of four posts in which I will be exploring the question, “What is secularism?”.   A few weeks ago, I was eating tacos and having a dialogue with a dear friend when the topic arose of Christian worship in an age of secularism. “You and David always talk about … Continue reading “What is Secularism?” Pt. 1: The Ontology of Violence and the Nation State

Morning Prayer as Rebellion

Morning is darker than night. As we awake, we arrive yet again into an unsatisfying world. A world of eternal finality- perpetual death. The fantastic escape afforded us by our dreams has come to a violent end. We are still here. Here to face the pain and anxiety of life once again. Every morning we … Continue reading Morning Prayer as Rebellion