An Attempt at Christian Sexuality

Discussions of human sexuality according to Scripture have long been caught up in proof-texting verses, usually from the (in)famous culprits: Genesis, Leviticus, 1 Corinthians, 1 Timothy, Jude, and Romans. These “clobber verses” have been used to critique same-sex sexual intimacy and same-sex marriage as unbiblical by theological conservatives as long as the conversation has been … Continue reading An Attempt at Christian Sexuality

A Psalm of Lament

Written as an exercise in Psalm composition in my second semester at Wycliffe College. Lord do you hear my prayer? Are ears of stone still my god? Every day I sink further down, My countenance is like a man beaten with stones. I am someone heavy burdened, Will it always be this way? Is your … Continue reading A Psalm of Lament